Detox with Green Juice for Anti Aging and Hormone Balance

Detox with Green Juice for Anti Aging and Hormone Balance

I've spent a fair bit of time talking about the wonders of juicing in various forums. Freshly made juice is not only delicious, it's a great way to detox, cleanse your liver, alkalise your system and balance your hormones.  It's also the absolute best way to get the maximum amount of nutrients from fresh fruit and veg.  

Green JuiceJuicing is essential for anyone with digestive problems since they'll be having trouble getting the nutrients out of solid food, their best chance at maximum digestive benefit is from juice.  It's vital for anyone recuperating from illness for the same reason, maximum nutrient absorption with minimal energy expenditure. 

And of course juicing is convenient for anyone who is struggling to incorporate the prescribed amount of fresh fruit and vegetables into their diet (the general rule of thumb is 300g of fruit and 750g of veggies every day for a person in good health, this will alter if you are suffering from an illness, intolerance or imbalance – your Natural Health Practitioner can advise you). 

There are 2 simple guidelines that will help you get the most out of your juicing:

  1. Go Organic.  Just like the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed directly into your system, so will any fertilisers or pesticides be.  Much research and many case studies show that exposure to the chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides can be very bad for you.  Side effects range from headaches and tremors to miscarriage and development of cancers.

            It can be hard and expensive to get fresh organic produce so if you can I highly recommend growing your own.  You don't need much space, even a sunny window ledge can provide you with enough greenery for a daily juice,      its super cheap and therapeutic.  Emotionally and spiritually it does us good to    grow things and be surrounded by live greenery, plus plants oxygenate the air for you!

  1. Use a Cold Press Juicer or a masticating juicer if possible.  They are more expensive but they extract the juice without disrupting the cellular structure of whatever it is you’re juicing.  With this type of juice extraction you can store the juice for up to 24 hours.  Most cheaper home juicers are centrifugal juicers whose high speed spinning causes an exchange of ions and exposure to air that rapidly oxidises your juice.  Oxidised juice has lost its nutrients and “gone off”, it will have a metallic unpleasant taste.  This can happen within minutes, so drink up straight away!

Why Green Juice?

There are plenty of juice recipes to choose from but today I want to talk to you about Green Juice.  This is a juice made from predominantly dark leafy greens.  The benefit of this juice for you is that dark leafy greens are the most nutritionally dense food you can find.  They are packed full of Vitamins C, K and A; all antioxidants and wonderful anti aging vitamins.  Plus they have loads of Iron, potassium and manganese, as well as calcium, and bitter leafy greens are excellent for cleansing your liver. 

Most Green Juice recipes include some lemon and/or lime as these are great for alkalising your system.  Many illnesses and acute conditions are caused by having an excess of acid in our systems.  Most of our body's tissues are alkaline by nature.  By using our muscles, digesting certain foods and even by breathing we create acid that needs to be neutralised.  Foods that create an acidic situation in our bodies are all too common in today's society…animal products, grains, refined foods and sugars…our bodies can neutralise about 50 mEq (milliequivalents) of fixed metabolic acids per day, any more than that and it needs help.

As well as being alkaline lemons and limes are full of Vitamin C, antioxidant and anti aging – great for your skin – and are renowned liver cleansers.  It is very easy for us to develop fatty or sluggish livers these days, especially as we go through mid life, and let's not forget the liver is probably the most important organ of your body.  It acts as a filter for all the yucky by-products of our diet and environment that need to be ejected from our bodies so they don't cause harm.  One of the most common causes of hormonal imbalance is liver dysfunction since the liver is supposed to get rid of any excess hormones your body doesn't need.

So try a Green Juice regime for a week or so and see how you feel.  It can cleanse your liver, alkalise your system, make your skin look fabulous, help your hormonal balance and boost your energy.  Play around with your own mix and match of green ingredients as it's important you enjoy your juice, otherwise you won't keep drinking it!

But if you'd like some inspiration, here's my favourite Green Juice recipe:

1/2 lemon

1/2 lime

1 kiwi fruit OR 1 green apple

6-8 each of beetroot, kale, pak choy, red and green lettuce leaves


For more fabulous anti aging information, great tips & recipes you can sign up for weekly Eclasses with my membership site.

Yours in Good Health


Christine and Thom McDonnell

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